Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT:
Ph.D. Thesis: "Scaling of unitary synaptic strength in the context of network dynamics."

Artificial Intelligence - Cornell
Masters Project: "Parallel methods for searching complex spaces."

Neurobiology - Cornell
Undergraduate Honors Thesis: "A computational model for sound discrimination in the vertebrate nervous system."


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** See commentary in "Editor's Choice"
Science 21 December 2007, 1835.

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Implantable neural networks

Functional characterization of neurons and glial cells differentiated from neural progenitor cells

Treatment of Rett syndrome and other disorders

Electronic communication clarifier

Systems and methods for providing recommendations based on collaborative and/or content-based nodal interrelationships

Systems and methods for providing recommendations based on collaborative and/or content-based nodal interrelationships - continuation

Systems and methods for providing enhanced neural network genesis and recommendations

Systems and methods for providing spatially segmented recommendations

Apparatus and method for providing harmonized recommendations based on an integrated user profile


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