Download Prism

Prism is a straightforward way to do electrophysiology of arbitrary complexity through Matlab. This was my first effort to connect to brain circuits using custom software to coordinate bi-directional communication with computers and other machines, and can be adapted to almost any hardware system.

What You Need:
- A data acquisition card in your computer.
- An amplifier input signal connected to the first analog input (AI0).
- An amplifier command signal connected to the first analog output (AO0).

Optional Equipment:
- A trigger signal to start your Prism routines can be plugged into PFI0.
- A BNC to control an optogenetics laser or other devices can be plugged into AO1, AO2, etc.

To Install:
- Download this file, and unzip it to the location of your choice.
- Add the top folder "prism" to the Matlab path.
- Connect to your hardware with a few simple settings:
-- prism/Configuration/prism_configure_amplifier.m
-- prism/Configuration/prism_configure_daq_card.m
- Open Matlab and type, "prism".

To Run:
- Open Matlab and type, "prism".
- In the window that pops up, push the "Continuous" button - you are now acquiring.
- When you are done acquiring, push "Stop".
- To save your data, push "Save".
- To load your saved data, push "Load".
- To search for a patch, push the "Patch" button.
- To run one of the protocols from the drop downs, select and push, "Launch".
-- To inspect how these work, push, "Protocol".
- Every function is there for you to learn from and take further.

This is a "ground zero" way for you to start interacting with a patch amplifier from Matlab (which actually involves very simple signals). It can also send and receive arbitrary analog signals for other devices as needed. Finally, it offers a number of useful features for trace exploration, timing control, and an organized framework on which to build data analysis. It has been hardened through extensive use and should now provide a useful starting point for you to do more interesting things.