Download Visor

Visor is a straightforward way to do, and understand how to do, two-way optical interaction with neural networks using a standard Windows computer and MATLAB. I wrote it from scratch and built it up over the years.

A helpful step-by-step Protocol to accompany this software was published in Nature Protocols.

This is the same software that we used for experiments for our recent Nature article - "Division and subtraction by distinct cortical inhibitory networks".

Apart from the software itself, the package presented here also includes a huge array of tools, examples, and useful documentation from different eras of our development, for:
- Image acquisition
- Microscope control
- Image management
- File type management from different microscopes
- Data analysis

The file structure is pretty well organized and commented, but please contact us if you have any questions on how things might be done – we would love to hear from you! This is the latest version and might have new glitches but is hopefully pretty hardened.

You are welcome to use any bits and pieces that you find here in your own code with or without attribution – the idea is to make any small amount of work we were able to accomplish more shareable and further a spirit of open source for the community.

Good luck!! With a custom physiology mentality, and more time than we now have, you will do great things!